Apply for Our Merchant Cash Advance Program if You’ve Been Turned Down for a Loan

Do you own a small business that doesn’t have access to sufficient working capital? Would you like to get the money you need without going through the normal lengthy process of getting a traditional loan? You’re in luck. The merchant cash advance program at Capital Markets Group is a flexible and convenient solution for small businesses that need money now. When you take out a cash advance, it goes against your merchant account. That means you won’t need to remember to make regular monthly payments. Instead, a predetermined percentage of your credit card sales will be used to pay back your advance.

Advantages of a Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance has some advantages over traditional loans. Here are a few:

  • No application fee
  • Easy payback terms without fixed payments
  • Quick funds
  • Very little paperwork
  • No collateral required

Use the money to expand your business, purchase supplies or pay your employees. You can also set it aside for a rainy day. When you apply for a cash advance, you won’t need to worry about closing costs or loss of equity.

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